Why choose SQ72

We strive to be the frontrunner in shaping new approaches to the way software quality assurance is promoted and practiced world-wide

This attitude has given rise to the gap in the market as our typical client, the CIO, has to provide business with 100% customer experience from business-critical software assets. From a testing perspective, this requires daily regression testing that can only be achieved through effective and efficient test practices. It simply cannot be achieved by adopting a traditional testing approach, unless you have immediate access to 200 experienced test analysts 24/7 for complete regression testing.

Current service providers are merely treating the symptoms by supplying short term contracted resources, instead of curing the disease by radically transforming the conventional approach to QA, customer experience and risk mitigation.

SQ72 utilises a framework that assists clients to create reusable assets that can be called on at any stage to verify the intended customer experience. The framework speaks to improving maturity across the product life (business to IT to client) and includes self-evaluations of the quality of your software.

We understand that an activity like testing requires the greater mindset of quality assurance to assure that your critical software assets add maximum value and provide a distinct competitive advantage to your business moving forward.

We enhance your customer experiences by assuring effective software assets.

Our Drive and Passion is to enhance your customer’s experiences, ensuring your customer-critical
applications and software:

SQ72 Icons v1-Functions
Functions as required to
SQ72 Icons v1-Responds timeously
respond timeously to users
SQ72 Icons v1-Intuitive Design
are intuitive by design and interaction
SQ72 Icons v1-Intelligent operation
are intelligent in operation
SQ72 Icons v1-Secure
are secure in all facets of existence