User Interface & Design Services

UI design workshops and road-mapping

Need advice on what design principles are applicable to your applications?
Clueless on how UI design impacts the target audience and customer experience?
Want an intuitive UI that increase sales by providing an enhanced experience?

SQ72 partners with some of the more forward-thinking minds that are currently shaping UI design to enhance customer experience. Applications and software must be intuitive in design and usage. Humans must still interact with computers through an interface and therefore the more intuitive the interface the more widely used the application will be. SQ72 believes it must look just as good, maybe even better, than it works.

UI design assessments and evaluations

Does my current UI enhance the user experience of my applications?
Why are users complaining that my application is difficult to use?

SQ72 offers expert advice on how your current UI can be enhanced so that user experience is enhanced and effective in reaching the intended target audience. We guide you practically to ensure that the UI enhances the applications ability to achieve its purpose. The assessment focusses on the applications usability and how intuitive the UI is to its target audience.

Mobile UI evaluation and design services

Are your mobile apps boring and difficult to use?
Are screen sizes of devices proving a difficulty in designing the UI?
Need real customer feedback on current app UI and usability?              

SQ72 draws on industry benchmarks and expertise when it comes to evaluating the UI of your mobile applications. Understand the purpose the application is key to coming up with the right advice that is required to enhance your existing UI or create a fresh UI from scratch.