Intelligent Automated Services

Fully automated unit, integration and API testing

Not getting value from your current QA automation strategy?
Wasting time automating the UI and not getting to automate at the API and unit levels?
Who takes ownership of automation outcomes that positively impact the Business?

Understanding the intended outcomes for test automation is key to formulating the right automation strategy. Most companies are automating exclusively in the UI layer which is costly, brittle and difficult to maintain. The right automation strategy involves all stakeholders from the business who understand the risk, to analysts,   developers and testers who are ultimately responsible for delivering on business requirements. Automation will never reach its full potential if it is a team of testers that automate. Effective automation often starts at unit level, meaning that developers inherently have a large role to play in effective automation strategies. SQ72 is passionate about effective automation and this is typically done outside of the UI layer and focusses on unit and integration quality assurance.

Fully automated complex rule and critical business process testing

Are complex business rules difficult and time consuming to test?
Are defective business rules in production costing your company money and damaging your brand?

SQ72 mitigate real business risk by automating the testing of complex business rules. Typically, these rules are tested manually, consuming large amounts of time and money. Automation of complex business rules allow for daily validation of critical rules, protecting the brand and providing daily data to support revenue assurance practices. The automation of complex rules also solves the complex problem around the availability and integrity of the appropriate test data.

Blockchain, AI – Artificial Intelligence and RPA QA roadmaps and solutions

Implementing new and unfamiliar technologies and require advice on mitigating real risks associated with QA and testing strategies and plans?
Need to automate your critical business rules and have the ability to test them daily?

SQ72 will work with you to establish a framework that installs minimal levels of quality associated with the development or configuration of critical business software, helping to guarantee maximum return on investment. New technologies bring new ways to test them and SQ72 is at the forefront of changing the way testing and quality assurance is approached and executed.

Intelligent CX focussed QA Dashboards

Need to know the quality of your software releases and builds?
Want to streamline ineffective SDLC processes and teams?
What kind of customer experience are your software systems delivering?
Need to enhance the experience of using critical software?

SQ72 integrates specific quality assurance data into readable dashboards that can be matched to specific roles. Trending analysis and reporting allows for continued improvement from every software release, driving innovation and improved ways of work across the whole software development lifecycle. No matter the methodology, SQ72 provides a real view of the quality of your software and whether your critical software is enhancing or damaging the business. Knowing the health of your critical software applications is non-negotiable in this day and age. Your software systems must differentiate your company and provide the necessary competitive advantage necessary in today’s one second world.