Application Security

Vulnerability scanning and Reporting

Need to know if your software App is secure and good to go?
Is the Apps code vulnerable to attacks and have security flaws?
Do you know what is required to certify your software as secure?

Application / Code Penetration testing

Is your App bulletproof, or can it be hacked and its data compromised?
Has anyone attempted to penetrate your App environment illegally?

Governance, Compliance and Regulatory

Do you have the necessary software security plans and frameworks in place?
Can you accurately manage and report on all software security issues and breaches?
Do you have the ability to remediate any attack on your software by outsiders?

SQ72 and its partners have many years of experience in vigorously testing software and frameworks in order to assure minimum levels of security have been assessed, implemented and continuously managed and reported on. Vulnerability scans are easy and can be performed at very short notice. SQ72 will work with you to incorporate certain software security practices as part of any software release.

There can be no compromise when securing critical software applications, your brand will most likely not survive an incident if adequate planning and resources are not committed to combating cyber-crime and illegal hacking and ransoms.