Functional Software Testing

QA assessments, strategies and regression planning

Need to improve the quality of your critical applications?
Software defects increasing instead of decreasing?
Need to improve the experience you giving your customers?

We get you to increase what you are testing, reduce the time taken to test and save money at the same time. We help you by working with your teams, processes and tools to test more, quicker, cheaper and better no matter what development methodologies you use.

QA transformation and road-mapping (DevOps, Agile, Lean)

Need to transform and innovate your software delivery practices to keep up with business’s digital demands?
Are your software teams focussed on quality and the customer?
Need to assess if you are getting the benefits from the change you’ve implemented?

Start off on the right foot by transforming to a customer-centric software delivery mindset. Enhancing your customer’s experience requires quality software and applications as the basis as well as adopting a quality mindset across all stakeholders and teams. SQ72 will work with you, your dev teams and customers to gain efficiencies and entrench the quality as routine principles.

Automated UI test-packs

UI functional testing taking too long?
Not achieving the promised returns from front-end test automation initiatives?
No budget to employ more testers?

We’ll automate your UI testing into test packs, categorised by importance of underlying business process and risk to the business. We focus on creating re-usable regression and risk-based UI automation packs. We also get you to limit the amount of automation that is done in the UI layer as it is typically brittle, expensive and a nightmare to maintain. So the front-end automation we will do will be highly focussed on risk and easily executed due to the obvious time constraints.

Mobile functional and experience testing

Daily regression testing a distant dream due to time and budget?
How can you simplify device, operating system and version testing on mobiles?
Do you really know what your customers are experiencing when using your mobile apps?

Mobile App QA and testing becomes a no-brainer just by adopting the right QA processes and tools. Real-world application simulation and real-time customer experience information make app refinement and customer experience enhancement a reality. SQ72 believes that continuous automation, integration and delivery start off in your mobile app and digital space as speed to market is a major differentiator.

Crowd testing

Lack the constructive and relevant feedback from real users?
Need your application to be assessed by the market?
Need access to real world testers at short notice?

We have access to real testers, users and customers that test on demand from their own computers and devices via the cloud. Data from testers is constantly fed back to our management software which analyses and processes the information into meaningful reports specific to your requirements. We gather real data from real users so that you can make real changes to improve app experience and gain more customers.

Talent Career Services – placement programme for talented quality engineers

Need access to real QA and testing talent?
Want to be part of the employment solution and give real talent a chance?

We work with training partners who have chosen to invest considerable time, money and effort to give our youth a fighting chance at a career in QA and testing. We assist in place the best testing talent into our client’s QA teams so that both the talent and our client benefit from the relationship.