Application Performance

Performance testing (load, stress, capacity, soak, spike)

Are performance issues of your critical applications costing you sales?
Do users complain of slow and unresponsive systems and mobile apps?
Baffled as to why your applications are slow and unresponsive?

We quickly get to the bottom of application performance issues and problems providing sound advice and hands-on expertise and experience to quickly increase responsiveness of your critical applications, keeping end users and customers happy. Our tests are easily repeatable and reusable which considerably reduces costs to a point where performance tests can be executed regularly as part of your release cycle.

Performance testing strategies, assessments and road-maps

Battling to find the right application performance advice, expertise and skills?
No idea on how to cost effectively integrate performance testing into your application dev cycle?

SQ72 is passionate about application performance and its role in providing any form of decent customer experience. We guide you through the process of turning reusable performance tests into assets that make regular performance testing an easy to manage and cost effective.

Application Performance management

How effectively are applications serving your clients in real time?
When do user spikes occur and how does that degrade my customer experience?
How do you proactively manage real time performance of applications?

We boast decades of experience in implementing real-time application performance management solutions. Constant analysis of critical performance data makes the management and monitoring of critical applications easy and affordable. 3rd party management tools highlight root causes, making remediation immediate and simple with little impact to customers.

Mobile performance testing and management

How many users can my mobile app handle?
What is the quality of service that I am providing my clients?

Performance validation is critical when testing mobile applications specific in real-world conditions. Quality of Service and performance spans past the typical software test. SQ72 offer clients a comprehensive service around mobile performance testing ensuring that your brand performs every time.